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Why it’s all about the Chef’s Pantry!

If you are currently planning your new kitchen, I am sure you will have come across the design favourite, The Chef’s Pantry. For such a traditional concept it really has taken centre stage in bespoke kitchen design.

It seems like everyone has joined the air fryer band wagon, which has now become a staple in the family home. Along with the prized kitchen aid and Nutri Bullet comes the question, “Where do we store them all?” These items are such a part of our lives and used day to day therefore they need to be accessible rather than lurking on top of the fridge collecting dust. This is where the Chef’s pantry or alternatively called ‘the appliance garage’ was reinstated.

Chefs pantry cupboard dresser.

The Pantry is a large double larder, housing a worktop area for appliances to sit plugged in and ready to go. No longer do you need to search for the lid attachment to the mixer that had to be removed because it would not fit under the shelf. Everything is where you need it and ready to use instantly, perfect for quick meal prep after a long day at work.

Keeping the appliances out of site helps clear the clutter making for a much more streamlined design, this bodes well especially in open plan settings where the kitchen space may also need to work as living, dining or office environments. Closing them behind doors helps protect the appliances from grease and dust build up but also hides a multitude of sins. Many a time, at the family Sunday lunch, have I closed the pantry doors, hiding the devastation I have just cooked up behind them, allowing me to profess that I am tidy cook when it is anything but the truth! If you do not have room for a full larder, Chef’s pantry’s can be accommodated in dressers on top of the worktop. Alternatively, you could create a modern take on a dresser unit incorporating the pantry on top. Seamless bifold doors allow for easy transition for work Zone to clutter free kitchen.

Here at Designer Kitchen Direct Harrogate, Chef’s Pantry’s can be designed in a bespoke manner so they can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Do you need butler racks for spice and oil storage which sit beautifully behind the doors, racking for wine or plate storage? All tastes can be accommodated. Microwaves can often be an eyesore and can be conveniently placed on shelves within the pantry freeing up much needed workspace in the kitchen. It is not all practicalities, in the pursuit of the beautiful kitchen, they add homely, exciting feature to the space, sure to interest friends and family when they visit.

We offer a full free planning service so get in touch to you see what your Chef’s Pantry could look like!

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